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Retractable Grilles

Heavy Duty Retractable Grilles Security Gates

A Stylish and Elegant Solution for protecting windows and doors.
Retractable Grilles act as a visible deterrent and effective barrier against would be intruders whilst allowing maximum light and merchandise display.

Specially Designed for Residential, Retail and Commercial premises, benefits include:

  • Strong Security barrier and deterrent
  • Fully Retractable, single or multiple Sashes
  • Folding or removable bottom tracks to keep openings clear
  • Hinge Aside option with folding track
  • Excellent through vision and ventilation
  • Pre-galvanised components for corrosion resistance, powder coated to a wide range of colour options as standard.
  • Multi-Point locking from a single key (2 point)
  • Smooth, Quiet Running ensures quick and easy operation
  • Custom built for almost any opening
  • Unlimited widths can be accommodated in sections

Residential properties:
Elegant and Classic appearance with standard ‘X’ or lazy ‘S’ lattice patterns.
Fitted into door and window surrounds, can be neatly concealed behind curtains and pelmets.
Gates can be left locked whilst doors are open providing ventilation and security, perfect for patio doors.
Folding or removable bottom tracks to leave doorways clear.
Essentially maintenance free and in a wide range of colour options to match your decor.

Retail and Commercial properties:
Installed predominantly inside a shop window or to the rear of a window display, offers an aesthetically appealing barrier against intruders whilst allowing displays to be viewed 24hrs a day
Insurance Approved to LPS1175 available
Standard ‘X’ or lazy ‘S’ lattice patterns.
Safe, Quick and Easy operation, each sash can be quietly, neatly folded away to one or both sides and can also be hinged 90deg to 270deg to swing clear of any openings (hinge aside feature requires folding bottom track)
Essentially maintenance free and in a wide range of colour options to match decor and corporate colours

Industrial Applications:
With minimal obstruction to light and views, Retractable gates can be used to separate High Risk areas within the workplace to create a secure but pleasant working environment.

Straight Lattice gate                        Lazy 'S' Lattice

Collapsible Gates
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