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Insulated Roller Shutters

By reducing the transmittance of heat from the outside in or the inside out, insulated Roller Shutters and doors assist with keeping the inside of the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter .

More stringent building regulations with regards the level of overall performance and insulation on buildings, Insulated Roller Shutters are becoming more popular on all types of industrial and commercial buildings.

Aluminium Insulated Door

Aluminium profile lath curtain 37mm, 55mm, 77mm and 95mm deep foam filled. Type dependant upon door size and specification.

Steel Insulated Door

Steel profile lath curtain 75mm 85mm and 100mm deep foam or polystyrene inserts. Type dependant upon door size and specification.

Industrial Insulated Roller Shutters


The shutter curtain is constructed from either 75mm, 85mm or 100mm twin interlocking cold rolled galvanised steel laths, depending upon size and application.

Infilled with a CFC free insulation giving a ‘U’ value of 0.69 w/m²k and an acoustic value of 18dBA. Each lath is retained using nylon endlocks to prevent lateral movement and fixed with blind steel rivets.

Standard finishes available are galvanised to both faces, Plastisol to either one or both internal and external faces, polyester powder coated finish to a standard RAL or BS colour.

Bottom Seal

Along the bottom of the shutter curtain is a plastic extrusion, fitted with a rubber seal and acts as the bottom rail seal.

Guide channels

90mm deep, pre-galvanised cold rolled steel guide channels. Fitted with twin brush seals to both internal and external faces effectively reduces operating noise whilst providing draught insulation.


Continuous vertical steel fixing angles, with fixings running full length reducing any significant load point. Fitted atop with laser cut mild steel end support plates onto which are mounted self-aligning bearings to support the mild steel roller barrel assembly.

Size and thickness all dependent upon type and application.


Under normal and standard applications, the door would be fitted with a Direct ‘Safedrive’ motor operator fitted directly onto the barrel assembly, thus eliminating the need for chains, gears and sprockets and therefore reducing wear and serviceable items, increasing safety and reliable operation.

The ‘Safedrive’ motor operators are provided with the following standard features.

  • Integral safety Gear, anti-fall back device built in
  • Floor level hand chain system
  • Safety interlock switch for manual operation
  • Integral Thermal protection
  • P 54 Environment protection
  • Gear or digital travel limits
  • High starting torque, Industrial Duty Motor
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