Unit 27 Maple Estates
Stocks Lane, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S75 2BL

Fire Shutters

Fire Roller Shutter Doors

Fire roller shutter doors, designed to maintain the integrity of fire compartment walls to prevent the travel of fire from one area of the work place to another, whether it be a servery hatch or large Industrial openings.

Tested in accordance with BS476: Part 22: 1987. BS EN 1634-1:2008, Part 1. offers an effective barrier for up to 4 hours from the spread of Fire.

Curtains manufactured using traditional 75mm deep scrolled interlocking lath, the gauge of which is determined by the size of the shutter. Laths are galvanised as standard to BS EN 10142: 1991: SEP02 G. Alternate laths are steel end locked to prevent lateral movement of the curtain in the side guides. A bottom rail of heavier gauge material is used to strengthen the curtain assembly and to form part of the drop bar arrangement on manual shutters.
Polyester powder coated finishes available to fire roller shutter doors from the standard range of RAL colours.

Drive Options

240 volt single phase tubular motors.

The motor is mounted within the roller mechanism which allows for a smaller, more compact shutter appearance. Ideal for office, canteen, school and servery applications where appearance and hygiene are a consideration. The Motor is wired into an interface control panel which upon activation by the fire alarm or alternative device, the door is driven closed. UPS Battery back up facility available in the event of power failure. Normal operation is by key switch. Safety brake anti fall back device fitted as standard.

Inline Motor Operator

240V Inline fire door operator. Intended use for larger openings, can be fitted with solenoid release and thermal fusible link release back up unit when local temperature reaches 68 degrees centigrade. Emergency hand chains allow the door to be raised in the event of power failure

The shutter can be driven closed or self-close under a controlled descent by solenoid release, the solenoid also benefits from a manual test facility. Connections available to link the fire shutter into the buildings own fire alarm system.

Fire control panel

Offered as an additional extra, a Fire Door Interface Panel (FDI) features:

  • Timed delay
  • Audio-visual warning
  • 2 Stage closing
  • Can be activated by volt free, normally open or normally closed contacts
  • Self contained batteries to maintain the panel and solenoid release in the event of a power failure
  • Slave and master options for both sides of openings
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