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Energy Saving Products

Energy saving products

Industrial Insulated Doors, Insulated Roller, Sectional and High Speed Automatic doors

With an ever increasing focus on energy saving products and the mandatory requirements and the subsequent tightening and inclusions to Building Regulations,  made under powers provided in the Building Act 1984, have seen doors fill a more important and necessary role within the workplace. Industrial insulated doors, insulated roller shutter doors, insulated Up and Over sectional overhead doors, Fast Acting, high speed automatic doors combined with secondary airlocked Doors are now common place on most Industrial and Commercial Buildings.

Insulated Doors

Pvc Strip Curtains:

Available in 200x2mm, 300x3mm, 400×4 and 400x4mm ribbed

PVC strip curtains have been used for a number of years to help reduce heat loss, airborne pollution and insects, through an opening where the roller shutters over the openings are open for long periods during the day, this mainly occurs in warehouses and places where frequent deliveries are made. They can also be used internally, in either a fixed form or combined with a sliding top track, creating clean areas or protection from work processes to pedestrians.

PVC strip curtains are a relatively cost effective solution, can be mounted fixed for heavy vehicular activity, stainless steel hook on for ease of replacement of individual strips and sliding track arrangements for large or delicate deliveries. There are a number of different size PVC strips, colour and types to suit most applications. These can also be mounted in a number of different ways to provide the most convenient and cost effective solution i.e. no overlap, 50% overlap and a full 100% overlap. Experienced members of staff are on hand to best advise the most suitable solution to your requirements.

Internal Fast Acting Door
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