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High Speed Doors

High Speed Doors or Fast Acting Doors – Although now been around a number of years, must be considered to be the Most Modern door on the market.

As demand grew for a product which could allow the swift movement of materials and traffic from one area to another to minimise heat loss, contamination and airborne pollution. A door had to be created to offer a Safe, Fast, Automatic opening and closing but also had to be Low Maintenance for the demands being placed on it.

The High Speed Door, recognisable due to its Fabric Curtain material, this same material is what has resulted in a door to be of low maintenance due to the absence of moving components within the door blade and  lighter-weight, offering opening speeds of up to 3m/per second. High Speed Doors are not Security Doors and are generally fitted in conjunction with more suitable doors on External Applications

Anti-Static, Strong Multi-Woven, Multi-Coloured and also Clear curtains can not only brighten up Working areas because of its Translucent nature, They are also resistant to preventing airborne dust and dirt from collecting on it. These advantages not only make the doors ideal for retaining heat, cold and ambient temperatures but also for Hygienic, Pharmaceutical and Food Preparation Areas.

Self-Supporting mild steel side guide assemblies (Stainless Steel options available) allow the doors to be used in conjunction with External outer doors without the need for additional structural steelwork. Depending upon door type and size, the guide assemblies via High Quality, Low Maintenance, Self Aligning Bearings support the barrel for Roll Up Doors and Shafts for Lift Up Doors. Powder Coated Finish to any Standard RAL or BS colour to all Steelwork.

Safety Features as Standard:

  • Panel Mounted Latching STOP Button
  • Safety Bottom Edge both Wireless and Wired depending upon Door Type and Application, Will stop the door upon contact with an obstruction and return the door to its fully open position.
  • Infra Red Safety Beam across the door opening at approximately 300mm from the floor, to prevent the door closing onto an obstruction. Breaking the beam will prevent the door from closing but will also stop the door whilst closing and return the door to its fully open position. Additional Safety Beams can be installed to suit individual applications.
  • Where ‘Pedestrian Use’ of the opening will be required or expected, we recommend the fitting of additional Safety Beams across the opening, 900mm away from the door blade to both sides of the opening, usually mounted on Handrail style Booms.

Additional safety features can be installed such as Audio Visual Warning Signs, Audible Sounders and Traffic Lights


  • Electrical Operation in either 240V single phase or 400V 3phase depending upon door type, size and application.
  • Integral Limits
  • Open – Stop – Close panel mounted Push Button facility.
  • Self Diagnostic Control Panel

Operating Methods:

  • Panel Mounted Push Buttons
  • Ceiling Mounted Pull Cord
  • Infra Red Movement Detection Radar
  • Remote Control via Hand Held or Fork Truck mounted Transmitters
  • Induction Floor Loops – Activated by metal vehicle movement passing over the floor loops

High Speed Doors are Tailor Made to suit individual requirements, the style of door is dependant upon the Size, Location and Type of Use. Typical sizes range from 1.2m wide x 2.5m high Pedestrian / Conveyor applications to 7m wide x 8m high Industrial Applications. Larger, Oversize Doors are available, Please call with your requirements.

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