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Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and Smoke Curtains

Fire and Smoke Curtains are a common fixture in many Hotels, Shopping Centres and High Street stores across the UK. With the increased fire protection being required from local building and fire control departments, fire and smoke curtains can be found installed in mall ceilings, shops, corridors, Elevator and lift areas.

Fire Curtains are tested and approved to BS EN 1634-1:2008 test conditions and BS EN 476-22:1987.

Fire and smoke curtains are designed to automatically descend under gravity in the event of a fire signal, the signal can be received from a central fire alarm or local fire detection devices such as smoke and heat detectors. Fire Curtains are not suitable for day to day use and are only operated in the event of a test or fire alarm.

Audio Visual panels can be installed to all our Fire and smoke Curtains, this enables the curtain to be programmed with a staged descent to enable the Fire Curtain to act as a smoke barrier whilst people escape and then lower to act as the fire barrier after a pre-determined amount of time. An audio alarm can also be used to warn that the Fire Shutter has been activated and it will begin to operate.

A rating of 2 Hours is available on our Fire Curtains and can be installed up to a size of 30m2. A Stainless Steel Wire Reinforced Glass Fabric Curtain, Galvanised Guide Channels and Boxes are supplied as standard, however the metal components of the Fire Curtain can be colour coordinated to its surroundings, this can be achieved by applying a polyester powder coated finish to the roller shutter, most colour are available from the RAL or BS4800 colour charts.

The Fire Curtain is operated by a 24 V DC Tubular Motor. This product is not designed for frequent use and should remain open unless activated. The motor operates under mains supply in normal use. Battery backup is provided for power failure and in the event of complete battery discharge the brake is released and the Fire Curtain closes automatically under Gravity Fail Safe.

Whatever your requirements are for Fire Curtains, Tridoor Ltd will have a solution.

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